About us

Van Rennes Industrial Automation specializes in the automation of production processes and provides complete machine control including data monitoring and management information systems.

We work with the latest technologies, offering partners and customers the opportunity to accomplish new goals and keep existing systems up-to-date. Our working area has no boundaries. We supply an international market in different industries like: food & beverage, transshipment, wastewater treatment, cleaning, handling & storing equipment.

Worldwide Cleaning & Automation Group

Van Rennes Industrial Automation is a member of the Worldwide Cleaning & Automation Group (WCA Group). WCA Group is a powerful company that supports customers by means of reliable, efficient and sustainable production processes.


Van Rennes was founded in 1956 by Mr. Henk van Rennes. Over the years we specialized as an electrical engineering company with a process automation division.

In 2013 Van Rennes Industrial Automation became an independent organization. Afterwards we formed the WCA Group along with Numafa Cleaning & Automation. Together we have built a brand-new building in Heinenoord, The Netherlands. Now we are ready for the future!


Together with Purely Creative studio we developed a brand new logo in 2016

The logo is made up of arrows. These arrows represent all parts of the production process. All arrows combined shape a cube within a cube. This shows our 3D possibilities. Without the 3D influence the logo looks like a nut and the white lines on each side symbolize the traces of a circuit board.

Logo VRIA uitleg