Van Rennes Industrial Automation is an eWON Certified System Integrator

Van Rennes Industrial Automation has become an official eWON Certified System Integrator. This acknowledge our deep technical knowledge of eWON products/solutions, In the so called eWON Partner Program, in which we participate, the goal is to build an efficient ecosystem of industrial professionals sharing technical experiences and other information to fullfill end-user application requirements.

The emergence of the Internet in the industry will drastically improve productivity and efficiency in the production process and throughout the supply chain. Industry is on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution, which will bring huge business opportunities. Intelligent connected machines and devices can take corrective actions to avoid process breakdowns. eWON provides routers, data services and cloud connectivity solutions to connect industrial machines and devices.

As a system integrator Van Rennes Industrial Automation works with the latest technologies, offering our partners and customers the opportunity to accomplish new goals and keep existing systems up-to-date. Being a member of the Worldwide Cleaning & Automation Group (WCA Group) our working area has no boundaries. Together with our partner, Numafa Cleaning & Automation, we supply an international market. Van Rennes Industrial Automation is active in different industries like: food & beverage, transshipment, wastewater treatment, cleaning, handling & storage equipment.

WCA Group

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