• More efficiency with Process Automation

    If your company faces a challenge and needs to automate certain processes, we can provide strategic options and help to find the best solution.

    The services and products we offer cover a wide range of applications, including monitoring, security, process control, logistics, maintenance & management and production automation. In consultation with the client and/or machine manufacturer a custom process can be developed to get the best efficiency possible.





    More efficiency with Process Automation

  • More precision with a Vision System

    We found ways of implementing intelligent 3D Vision Systems to help clients who have an ever greater need for process precision, monitoring and control. New ideas are tested in our own excellent test facilities. With this carefully developed knowledge and experience we keep clients up to date to ensure they can improve their operating efficiency and market position.


    Intelligent 3D Vision

  • More control with a Management Information System

    When it comes to production processes it is essential to have complete control on site. You need to know what is happening to intervene when necessary. With an effective Management Information System clients have access to the required data real-time. We offer these fully customized systems for the best results.

    Management Information System

    Management Information System

    More control with a Management Information System

  • Going next level with Robot Control and Industry 4.0

    Van Rennes Industrial Automation closely follows all the trends in the automation technology and intend to specialise in Robot Control. This is also one of our ways to offer clients advanced and future-proof solutions.

    Industry 4.0

  • Panel Construction

    Own workshop
    In our own workshop we produce control panels for non-residential construction and automation projects. The panels vary from small to large, from plastic to stainless steel and from low voltage distribution to complete motor control centres. We are capable of building control panels for every type of business and any sector. Products can be completely custom made with the desired specifications.

    Own design
    The qualified staff of Van Rennes Industrial Automation can produce detailed and accurate designs. However, we are also happy to work from a design you have produced yourself. We can import your design for further adjustment if necessary.

    Panel Construction